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Did I hear you say where do I begin?

Planning a wedding can be one of the coolest or most stressful experiences of your life. Weddings come with expectations & pressures & some can feel overwhelmed! Don't stress your socks... it's normal! If I can convey anything across, it's the importance of a great 'vendor team'. A team of true  wedding professionals that get behind you that take out that stress but amp the cool! As someone who's worked in the Industry for over decade I can say with complete confidence that the team behind you help or hinder your experience and there are a heap of legends out there to choose from. I'm always happy to throw out some recommendations but being a chika of many words I also throw my hat in the ring to get the party started as your MC or get the party flowing as your wedding co-ordinator.

MC - Let's Get This Party Started!

Let’s not let the fun end at the ceremony the fun is just beginning! The flow of your ceremony into your reception leaves on overall impression of your special day. As to not leave any areas of down time - especially that at times awkward time ‘in-between the ceremony and reception’ when you are off having photos and all your guests are thinking ‘ What do we do now? The two people we are here to see aren’t here’. If you want to tick off the awesome party vibe I may very much be your girl. 

MC - Let's Get This Party Started!

A wedding co-ordinator is an essential!! Your wedding should be fun, easy sailing and joyous. A Co-ordinator helps bring everything together and sorts out all the bits and pieces without you even knowing that your hubby/ wife to be forgot the rings! Let's get your  "vendor team' running like a smooth well oiled machine.

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