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It's your

wedding ceremony it your way.

Getting married looks different to everyone. Some want it big, some want it small, some want it in their backyard and some want it under the Tuscan sun. Whatever suits you best we can make it happen.

Wedding Table
Modern Wedding



Weddings are an event for you, your loved one and all  your friends & family to enjoy. Wedding ceremonies usually go for around 20 minutes but they can be as short and sweet as 10 mins or as evolved as you like. From a Marriage Celebrant perspective there are a lot of aspects that go into personalising your ceremony. A few of the bits included here are:

Well... why not? Elopements happen for many reasons. Maybe you want something very intimate, maybe you want only part or none of the usual wedding ceremony trimmings. Perhaps your priorities were one on a glitzy wedding and now they have changed or the idea of standing up in front of lots people and declaring your love is just not your thing. Whatever your reason if  an elopement is for you... let's get you eloped!


Legals Only

A no fuss approach. The legal words are said and the paper work is completed. Similar to a marriage registry ceremony but with a little something special. At the end of it all you still have your Marriage Certificate in your hot little hand!

Weekend; Fri-Sun      





       * $450

*Non peak times only

Did I hear you say "Where do I begin?"

Planning a wedding can be one of the coolest or most stressful experiences of your life. Weddings come with expectations & pressures & some can feel overwhelmed! Don't stress your socks... it's normal! If I can convey anything across, it's the importance of a great 'vendor team'. A team of true  wedding professionals that get behind you that take out that stress but amp the cool! As someone who's worked in the Industry for over decade I can say with complete confidence that the team behind you help or hinder your experience and there are a heap of legends out there to choose from. I'm always happy to throw out some recommendations but being a chika of many words I also throw my hat in the ring to get the party started as your MC or get the party flowing as your wedding co-ordinator.

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Wedding + MC 

Let’s get this party started!! The fun does not end at the ceremony the fun is just beginning! The flow of your ceremony into your reception leaves on overall impression of your special day. As to not leave any areas of down time - especially that at times awkward time ‘in-between the ceremony and reception’ when you are off having photos and all your guests are thinking ‘ What do we do now? The two people we are here to see aren’t here’. If you want to tick off the awesome party vibe I may very much be your girl. 

*Price depending on requirements

Daytime Wedding

Wedding Co-Ordination

A wedding co-ordinator is an essential!! Your wedding should be fun, easy sailing and joyous. A Co-ordinator helps bring everything together and sorts out all the bits and pieces without you even knowing that your hubby/ wife to be forgot the rings! Let's get your  "vendor team' running like a smooth well oiled machine. Co-Ordination is an addition to Celebrant services and can be as extensive or minimum as you like. Let's chat to see what suits you.

        * Price depending on requirements

*Travel over 1 hour from Perth may incur additional fees.

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  • Carina Burress The Wordsmith Marriage Celebrant & MC
  • Carina Burress The Wordsmith Marriage Celebrant & MC

I am grateful and humbled to work, learn, live, create and perform ceremonies on the land of The Whadjuk Nyoongar people.

Aboriginal cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture, this land. We follow in the footsteps of those who have been before us for tens of thousands of years. This land beneath us has seen people dance and sing, live and hold ceremonies, not too dissimilar from the ceremonies I create.

I appreciate, pay my respects and honour the custodians, Aboriginal Elders past, present and emerging for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia. We are but a piece in the bigger picture.  ​

​© 2019 by Carina Quinn The Wordsmith Celebrant + MC

Images by the delightful & super talented

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