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How To Say 'I do!'

All the bits & pieces from the legalities to the fun bits


Step 1

You’ve made the right first step, you’re looking for a Marriage Celebrant. Let me take the opportunity to say a huge big “Congratulations!!! You’re engaged!”

Wedding Fun

Step 2

Give me a bell, send me an email or send word through a messenger pigeon. If I’m available on your special date we can lock it in or set up a time to meet and see if I am the perfect celebrant for you.

Step 3

Carian Burress - The Wordsmith Marriage Celebrant Perth
Wedding; Walking down the aisle
Bride & Groom; Rustic Wedding; DIY Wedding

It’s me!! You chose me! This step is the 'Planning Meeting' which means you’ve made the decision on me as your marriage celebrant. Thank you, you are in good hands. We will need to meet at least 31 days prior to your wedding as this is the minimum for all the administrative side. You’ll need to bring along your I.D..

If we can’t do this in person for one reason or another don’t worry - there are work arounds!

Then the fun stuff begins and we get to start crafting your ceremony. At this catch up we will really get to know each other. I’ll ask a bunch of questions about you as a couple, as individuals and we’ll talk about the big things - your plans, your dreams and what being married means to you. Your ceremony can be as big or as small as romantic or as traditional as you want and all will be discussed. I’ll give you an outline and together we will piece together your perfect puzzle. 

Now don’t worry – we will email back and forth until your ceremony is the thing your dreams are made of.

Step 4

The Big Day is here! I'll arrive 30 minutes before the wedding is due to start. Whatever the circumstances, I will make sure everything is ready to go. I am here to make the day extra special. Then it’s your time to shine and you’ll go from having the best fiancé in the world to having the best wife or husband!

Step 5

After all the shenanigans have taken place I will be registering your Marriage by sending all of the paperwork to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry in Perth or your State.
You'll go off into the sunset bathed in wedded bliss.

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